Monday, August 25, 2008

GM's 100 Year Anniversary

In celebration of their 100 year anniversary, GM is sharing its Employee Discount with everyone! Between August 20th and September 2nd, 2008, this national event will offer the GM Employee Discount to every customer in America who is in market to buy or lease a new 2008 model GM vehicle. In addition, GM has opened the discount to certain 2009 model vehicles as well including the Chevy Cobalt and HHR, as well as the Motor Trend's "Car of the Year:" the Cadillac CTS.

GM's bold offer is simple and clear … “You pay what we pay. Not a cent more.” There are no smoke and mirrors, no complex calculations, and no backflips that must be performed. Just come down to Brown Bros. and pick out your new Chevrolet or Cadillac vehicle, and you get the best price and the best value in town backed by the best dealership in town.

Hurry down, because time on this special offer is running short. We would be happy to tell you more about it. Just come on down to Fourth and Broadway or give us a call at 800-717-3195.